Mar 01 2013
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New Record!!!

FINISHED!  Our sixth full length, SUPERNATURAL DISASTERS, is recorded, mixed and mastered and will see the light of day in late April/early May on LP/CD via Little Mafia Records and available through our website.  We realize this took a while but we think it was completely worth it.  We cannot thank our great friend Dan Dixon enough for the incredible work he put in on this thing.  He got some really amazing sounds, made impeccably wise suggestions and made us perform the best that we could.  To get a taste of these efforts, check out the new jam we have posted, “Disease Storm.”  We are also equally stoked to have the record drenched in the artwork of Oklahoma’s own Tony Roberts.  Discerning fans of uber-heavy music might recognize his touch.  Tony’s done some really great and diabolically brilliant work over the years.  See for yourself: 
Not much else to say, really.  We had a blast making this and we hope you like it.
Shows to follow.  We promise.
More soon,