Apr 18 2012
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We’re alive!

Hey there!  Time for an update, yes?

Got a few things happening.  But first thing’s first - shows!  Got a few.  Excited to get out.  It’s been a minute.  Here’s what we’re looking at:

Thurs 4/19 - Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room w/Waiting For Signal & Drop A Grand
Fri 4/20 - Minneapolis, MN @ Cause w/Self-Evident & Buildings
Sat 4/21 - Chicago, IL @ Quenchers w/Self-Evident & The Midwestern
Sat 4/28 - Norman, OK @ Norman Music Fest 5!  Bill and Dee’s stage.  We’re on at midnight.

New record!  Yes, it’s being worked on.  As you may have heard, Rob relocated to Atlanta in January so we’ve been having to chip away at it sporadically.  Lucky for us, Atlanta also happens to be the home of one Dan Dixon, whose name might ring a bell if you are familiar with a fine rock outfit called Dropsonic (R.I.P.).  As it turns out, Dan’s a fine engineer as well (please see Dropsonic VI for evidence).  After he mixed our ‘Remains’ EP last year, we thought it’d be wise to stay on course with his skills and try doing an entire album with him.  Rob & Dan have already started things up - we have 6 songs worth of drums already done, and we plan on getting back to work after this run of shows and hopefully, we can get it wrapped up this summer.  We’ll keep you up on our progress.

You may have noticed that a lot of our releases have disappeared from our usual online sources (iTunes, Amazon, etc.).  Ascetic Records split with their long time distributor a while back.  We’re in the process of getting our whole catalog available online again.  We expect to get this settled within the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, nearly all of our releases are available right here - just click the ‘store’ link above, and we’ll take care of you.  Thank you to everyone who has done so recently.  The direct activity has been nice.  I’ve made more trips to the post office in the past four months than I have in the last four years.  We’ll announce it from the hills when we’re back up digitally.

Thanks a ton.  Hope to see you at a rock sesh.